PhD Psychology, Social-Personality (2017) - York University
MA Psychology, Social-Personality (2011) - York University
BSc with Specialization in Psychology (2009) - University of Alberta

Univariate statistics; Multivariate statistics; Research methods in social psychology; Research methods in personality psychology; Social psychology; Personality psychology; Computer programming for experimental psychology (MATLAB); Social cognition; Cultural psychology; History and theory of psychology

Workshop courses
Introduction to robust statistics; Introduction to meta-analysis

Major research projects
PhD Dissertation - Reflecting and shaping the self through avatars: The relationship between avatars, identity, and personal needs.
Academic Breadth Comprehensive - Perceptions of value: Tangibility, sharing, and culture
MA Thesis - The effects of avatar choice and difficulty on perceived control and risk-taking behaviour

Research topics  
Avatars, video games, media engagement, narratives, fiction, technology, identity, self-perception, personality/social psychology